How to change background color in GeneratePress theme

Question: I am using the free version of GeneratePress plugin and I can’t afford to pay for premium just to change the background. Is there anyway I can change just the background color?

Generate press background change

Understandably so, its bit too much to pay just to change the background color. Such simple options should be given for free! No worries, we got your back!

Fortunately, there is already a built in CSS section where you can make your own customization. As you login to admin, go to

Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

and you can copy the CSS codes as sample below. Paste it into the box and click Publish. Done!

You can change the HEX color #303030 accordingly to your liking.

The below code will change the header’s color. which the option is not available in the free version.

.site-header {background-color: #303030;}

Screenshot note: change “body” to “site-header”