How to create child theme in WordPress

Question: How do i create a child theme of my existing theme in WordPress?

Why Create Child Theme?

  • For the simple reason, so you don’t overwrite your personal hard coded settings whenever there is an update to the theme
  • Security, so people don’t find out your theme easily and find existing flaws
  • Sounds cooler and professional to your clients if you’re developing it for your clients

So How Do I Create Child Theme of My Existing Theme?

Don’t worry, wordpress is so advance now that many people have created a easy solution to the old problems by now. You don’t have to copy the folder and rename every single thing inside. Again, we go for the easiest solution available.

Go to Plugins> Add New > Generate Child Theme > Install & Activate

create child theme wordpress

After you’ve installed it, go to the plugin’s option as shown below. You can fill in the data as you wish. In this case, I am currently using GeneratePress theme, so I select that and the rest you can go fun customizing the names.

After generated the child theme, it will display as below. How easy and cool is that? Now you can play around with the theme’s code and not worried about getting overwritten on next update.

Can I uninstall the plugin after I generate a Child Theme?

Yes! go ahead and uninstall it. Won’t affect your new theme. You can reinstall it back whenever you want to.