How to redirect http to https

Question: After installing SSL successfully, my wordpress website is still showing up the non-secure sign and stated that some images source are still non secure. How do i fix this?

wordpress https

You can follow these simple steps to make sure your website is always at https wherever your users access it from. It will also help to convert all the existing links and images to https.

Go to Plugins > Add New > Search for “Force SSL”
Click “Install Now” and “Activate”.

After completing the process, it will bring you to the plugin page automatically. This is where you can turn on and off the SSL and also to test your SSL certificate. The plugin will turn on the SSL the moment you activate the plugin, so no further configuration needed.

In case there is any issue, you can use the plugin to test the site’s certificate. If successful, it will display like the screenshot below. If not, you will need to make sure the SSL is implemented properly.